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About Us

After 3 generations we believe that we have completed our apprenticeship and know a thing or two about fitting men of all different body shapes and sizes. Our customer service standards are high and our knowledge is extensive. We cater to the big guys, the tall guys and those in-between and offer a range of traditional clothing which is often hard to find.

In July 2019 we changed our business model to online only. However, about 4 times a year, we open to the public. This gives our local community the opportunity to not only try on their clothes and be fitted properly, but also gives us the opportunity to catch up with our very loyal customer clientele face to face. If you would like to be invited to our event days, please send us an email or call us 03 9563 7000

Meet the 3 Generations

Fred’s Emporium Pty Ltd trading as Stanley’s Menswear was originally established in 1932 by my grandparents, Fred & Rosie Kohn. Their first shop was in Bairnsdale but 11 years later they moved to the city and opened a small shop in Yarraville called Fred’s Emporium. They stayed in that location for 35 years and one shop grew into an entire block. It was the first suburban business to have a lift & employed up to 50 staff members.

Historical Fact # 1

When Fred arrived in Australia from Austria, he had difficulty finding clothes to fit him. So when he opened up his first Menswear store. Fred quickly established good relations with many of the local manufacturers and organised for them to make a range of King Size clothing that he could sell at an affordable price.

Fred & Rosie Kohn (1st generation)

Stanley & Laura Moss (2nd generation)

Laura & Stanley both worked in Yarraville for many years until 1979 when my grandparents retired. At that stage, they sold Yarraville and Laura & Stan opened up a new store closer to home called Stanley’s Menswear. My father was a menswear specialist & my mother’s passion was administration.

Under Stan’s guidance, Stanley’s Menswear became a Bentleigh landmark and Stan himself a very well-liked and respected member of the community. Stan retired in 2001 and handed over the reins to me, Tania - his daughter.   

Historical Fact # 2

Stan was born in England in 1933. He worked in his family’s upholstery business, until he decided to follow his life’s desire and come to Australia to live. In 1958, 6 months after arriving in Melbourne, Stan met Laura and they were engaged and married within 3 months. After their engagement, Stan was asked to join the family business in Yarraville.

Keeping on with the family tradition, John, my partner joined the team when Stan retired in 2001. John was affectionately known as the shop's “Mad Hatter”. He did all the hat buying for our Bentleigh store and is the best hat fitter I have ever met. As for me, I have been in the trade since I could talk and have had the pleasure of working with both my parents and grandparents. I am in charge of the marketing & buying. I also serve and make all the big decisions for the business.

Historical Fact #3

When I met John he had been a butcher all his working life. When we decided to get serious, John packed up his butcher’s knives, moved in with me and started working with me & his new found mother in law, all over a 2 day period. That is what I call courage, or is it madness? I’m still not sure!!!

Tania Moss & John Spillare (3rd generation)

Our Elderly & Special Needs Community

Being a family business, we take pride in addressing the needs of our elderly and special needs communityIf you’re having trouble finding suitable clothing or want advice on how certain items of clothing will perform in an industrial washing machine and dryer, then please call us on 03 9563 7000.  We’d love to help.

Our King Size & Extra Tall Customers

There are a lot of men whose body shapes do not fit the “norm”. So if you were born with extra- long legs, carry extra weight or generally just find it difficult purchasing comfortable clothing that you like, then you should give us a try.  We have sorted out many blokes fitting problems by our customers forwarding us some photos, and then engaging in that old fashioned thing called a conversation.

Hard To Find Items

If you are looking for something in particular, please contact us. We may just be able to help.